This is regular package for agencies and resellers. Disk space and bandwidth allows many accounts to be created even the sites are large. Low reseller cost means very high flexibility in profit margins, enabling reseller to make more profits in the enterprise. All cPanel features that does not compromise security are implemented also in this account.
Ecommerce package gets you in the internet e-business with just a click. It is a turnkey solution, we do everything for you, including setting up osCommerce storefront, cc processor payment gateways, search engine registrations. You'll have all the bandwidth, space and features that is needed to put even very large stores online. It requires a one time setup fee.
Developers package offers professional developers of web applications all the space and bandwidth they need. Full array of features along with many MySQL databases allow for implementation of most complex and numerous web applications.
Domain parking
This product is for domain parking. It acts like a hosting account in all respects, but it has a very minimal disk quota of 5 megabytes. It is useful for registering a domain and parking it for future use. Despite you can use all the hosting facilities like email, the disk quota will fill too fast compared to any normal hosting option.
Inroads Reseller
This is the starter kit which will you get going on web hosting business. Very low cost means that you can easily arrange your sales prices for a good profit. Full featured cPanel will enable you to execute all actions you will need reselling your space.
Standard Hosting
This is the extended version of Basic Personal package, which contains more space and bandwidth, also ready to install scripts, banner scripts, in-site search engines and such. Fitting for rather developed presentation sites, hobby sites and large family albums or personal sites.
Standard Managed WordPress